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Pan-Pot are back, this time with their Cells EP on Second State Audio.

The imrpint sees the techno duo taking full creative control marking their step into the second phase of their career. Both the EP's tracks, Cells and Third Eye are keen indicators that the pair are starting a new chapter of their sonic journey.

The title track 'Cells' was built around the synthline after it caught Pan-Pot right from the beginning. Similar to a cell starting in its simplest form and expanding, the track builds into a peak of full dynamic and volume and is packed with a variety of frequencies.

Third Eye was born out of Pan-Pot’s urge to create a track with a driving, hypnotic bassline.

As a result, Third Eye makes its way into your head as listeners instantly get hooked on the bassline, but it’s not until the arp changes that things really start getting weird and fun.


A: Pan-Pot - Cells

B: Pan-Pot - Third Eye

VINYL pre-order available on:


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