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Second State Unveils Details of Pan-Pot's 'The Other' Remix Album

As the dust finally begins to settle after the release of Pan-Pot's massive album 'The Other', it's time to unleash a collection of heavy hitting reworks from the best and brightest stars of todays techno elite.

Through careful consideration and an acute attention to detail, we couldn't be more elated to confirm ten artists we know and love to contribute their unique vision to Second State's first ever remix package.

Kicking things off with a heavily twisted alteration of 'Attention' is Nicole Moudaber and it's a tangled, dark trek through dense acoustic layers of audible madness.

Next up is the Hamburg duo Extrawelt with their twist on 'Optimistic Grey' and they deliver a beautiful blend of emotion and groove they are synonymous for.

Following suit is another passionately romantic number from man of the hour, Stephan Bodzin, and his take, the track 'Sleepless', feels like floating through a sea of clouds, resulting in a timeless classic to be a focal point in any set for years to come.

Next in line is Ray Kajioka's take on '808 Nirvana' and it's a cosmic ride, ripe with swirling atmospherics laid over big churning drums and rolling cymbals.

Following up on the second 12“ of this LP is a man who needs no introduction: Carl Cox. And in true Coxy fashion he turns 'Riot' into just that: a big room, tension building monster!

'Broken Engine' is the next track to get worked over and Wigbert delivers a stunning mix of shimmering tones and growling bass resulting in a lush venture through a cosmic backdrop of flickering stars in deep space.

Joseph Capriati ensues with his vision of 'Fugitives' and he brilliantly keeps the vibe of the original yet adds his trademark big room flair to take it to another level of driving euphoria. Enlisting the talents of

Alan Fitzpatrick to remix 'Punxsutawney', one of the slower listening tracks on the album turned out to be magic. With his signature percussion, Fitzpatrick takes the parts and creates a dive deep into sultry smooth waters of seduction.

The first of our last two remixes, which are digital exclusives, come from Paul Ritch and he delivers a grinding rendition of 'Riot', expertly crafted for the more euphoric peak time occasions.

Last and certainly not least is a man on the rise, Kevin Knapp with his twist on his own collaboration with Pan-Pot: 'Get In'. An expertly crafted tech house jam exploding with energy and attitude perfect for any moment, day or night, indoors or out. We know you will enjoy! ;)

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Track list

1. Pan-Pot - Riot (Carl Cox Remix)

2. Pan-Pot - Fugitives (Joseph Capriati Remix)

3. Pan-Pot - Your Attention (Nicole Moudaber Remix)

4. Pan-Pot - Optimistic Grey (Extrawelt Dub)

5. Pan-Pot - Riot (Paul Ritch Remix)

6. Pan-Pot - Sleepless (Stephan Bodzin Remix)

7. Pan-Pot - 808 Nirvana (Ray Kajioka Remix)

8. Pan-Pot - Broken Engine (Wigbert Deeper Remix)

9. Pan-Pot - Punxsutawney (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)

10. Pan-Pot - Get In (Kevin Knapp‛s ME First Remix)

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