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SNDST033: Wigbert - Stream EP


Wigbert - Stream EP

[SNDST033] || 04.08.2017

1: Stream

2: Moving

3: Strange Feelings

4: The Rail

5: Jam Mode

After the single on the last SUM II various artists compilation and a stellar contribution to the Pan-Pot remix album, Wigbert is back on Second State and this time with a killer for his debut EP ‘Stream’.

Over the course of five tracks, Wigbert delivers his authentic brand of gripping Techno by delicately balancing the creative spaces between man and machine where each composition is an energetic exploration into true sound. Kicking it off is the title track ‘Stream’ where swift percussive riffs and shimmering sonic leads crescendo into flickering sonic flashes of dance-floor euphoria. ‘Moving’ follows suit with a similar concept but dives deeper into ethereal spaces with hushed strokes of a human voice and sinister pads laid over a rugged groove. Up next is ‘Strange Feelings’ and it's a master class in keeping things simple. By utilizing just a few key elements that perfectly oppose one another Wigbert creates a magic place where synthetic bleeps melt into organic drums.

‘The Rail’ is up next and it sits heavy in the psychedelic realm with infectious drum lines keeping the pace while spaced-out aural textures keep your head swimming in deep space.

Thrown in for good measure, ‘Jam Mode’ wraps things up as a bonus track where a fierce pace of rapid percussion and glittery acid tones culminate into an all-out burner.

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