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SNDST035: Luigi Madonna & Roberto Capuano - Midfield EP


Luigi Madonna & Roberto Capuano - Midfield EP

[SNDST035] || 08.09.2017

1: Midfield

2: Wendy

3: Dark Soul

For our next release we look south to two of Italy’s finest exports and rising stars: Luigi Madonna and Roberto Capuano.

Both hailing from the coastal city of Naples, the two have been on fire for some time now and their ‘Midfield’ EP is a perfect representation of their approach and sound that is winning dancers the world over. Kicking things off is the title track ‘Midfield’ with infectious percussion, hefty drums and an absolutely unforgettable lead that will, without any doubt, create full on dance floor mayhem.

‘Wendy’ follows up with rapid fire drumming and a soul drenched vocal laid over a booming kick drum resulting in a simple yet highly effective sonic excursion.

Rounding out the EP is ‘Dark Soul’ which does the job using only percussive elements like racing shakers and colossal, crunchy impacts balanced perfectly with a lush vocal shot placed a few times throughout the track in the most effective moments.

– In short, three stunning tunes from our Italian cohorts Luigi Madonna and Roberto Capuano to be played loud and often!

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