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SNDST034: Michael Klein - Hub Three



Michael Klein - Hub Three EP

[SNDST034] || 29.09.2017

A1: Michael Klein & Pan-Pot - Haze Effect

A2: Michael Klein & Stephan Hinz - Far Sight

B1: Michael Klein & Amelie Lens - Blinding Light

B2: Michael Klein & Roman Lindau - Secret Passenger

It’s time again for another installment of our HUB series and this time we hand the reigns over to none other than the extremely talented and multi-faceted Micheal Klein. Over the span of four mental tunes, Klein showcases his production prowess and style collaborating with Pan-Pot, Stephan Hinz, Amelie Lens and Roman Lindau. Not only is this HUB Michael’s first collaborative EP but also his first time allowing anyone into his creative process, and in his own words, it was “an exciting process with different approaches per artist” using FaceTime studio sessions, online collaborations, and in person encounters to create the final results. Klein’s creative approach and control doesn’t stop there as he also states, "I don't like to give creative tasks out of my hands. Therefore I shot the cover image myself on black and white film which I also developed to keep full control of the visual appearance of the overall release.”

Diving into the music we start with Klein’s alliance with Pan-Pot on ‘Haze Effect’ and they waste no time getting to the point. Rapid fire percussion, spiraling synth lines and massive roars of bass are put on display resulting in a climactic race for dance floor destruction. Following suit, Klein teams up with Stephan Hinz on ‘Far Sight’ for an other worldly trek into the ethereal club moments as heavy drums carry twisted, heated sonics to distant heights.

Flipping to the B-side we see Klein and Amelie Lens join forces for a tour-de-force display of loopy, psychedelic Techno on ‘Blinding Light’ where distorted drums and massive percussions hit slowly and lead the listener into hypnotic realms of dance exhilaration. Last and certainly not least is Klein’s collaboration with his good friend and producer extraordinaire, Roman Lindau with their banger ‘Secret Passenger’ where classic House sounds collide with time-honored Techno production resulting in an absolutely stellar tune perfect for anywhere and anytime. Dig into HUB 003 with Micheal Klein and experience his first collaborative venture and the magic that resulted.


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