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SNDST041: Reform - Former EP


Reform - Former EP

[SNDST041] || 23.02.2018

1: Reform - Former

2: Reform - The Damage

3: Reform - Atlantide

4: Reform - English Lesson

Releasing twice before on both our SUM II & III compilations, Reform grace us with their first solo outing with four sensational cuts on their ‘Former’ EP. By utilizing just the essential elements in massive fashion the duo have crafted their sound to decimate dance floors with an acute detail to tension building. From the nightmarish euphoria of the title track “Former” to the pulsing low end fire and twisted chant in “The Damage” to the attitude fueled sonics of ‘Atlantide’ to the sly vocal cuts and rapid fire hats of “English Lesson”, the common theme throughout Refom’s first EP is absolute dance floor destruction. And we couldn’t be hyped more to have them on board.

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