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SNDST043: Michael Klein - Peter's Hand EP



Michael Klein - Peter's Hand EP

[SNDST043] || 30.03.2018

1: Michael Klein - Peter's Hand

2: Michael Klein - Broken Keys

3: Michael Klein - Broken Keys (Heiko Laux Remix)

4: Michael Klein - Daniel's Dream

After his hugely successful HUB EP and a string of killer releases on his own BLK DRP imprint, Second State mainstay Michael Klein returns with what may be his best work to date with his ‘Peters Hand’ EP. Klein delivers three absolute burners that somehow embrace the purely functional floor filler prerequisites to ensure maximum range of playability yet he maintains an incredible amount of character and uniqueness setting them apart from anything else. Add to that a rework from the master Heiko Laux, and ‘Peters Hand’ is an absolute monster of an EP. Both ‘Peters Hand’ and 'Broken Keys’ span the A-Side and are a testimonial to the one of a kind approach Klein has to building grooves that are intense and gripping. Flip to the B-Side and Heiko Laux’s remix of ‘Broken Keys’ is a tour-de-force, wall of sound full of tension and euphoria. To round it out ‘Daniels Dream’ sees him finish the EP showing a fairly playful side balanced delicately over an unrelenting and one of a kind Michael Klein groove resulting in a stunning return to the label.

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