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SNDST045: Pan-Pot - Funke EP



Pan-Pot - Funke EP

[SNDST045] || 27.04.2018

1: Pan-Pot - Spitzer

2: Pan-Pot - Funke

3: Pan-Pot - Spitzer (Petter B Padwash Remix)

It’s safe to say it’s been too long since we last saw label bosses and heavy hitters Pan-Pot grace Second State with their ‘Solace’ EP back in November of 2016. So to have them back with two big bombs and a remix from the one and only Petter B on their ‘Funke’ EP curbs all anticipation from all of us who have been dying for new material.

Kicking things off is ‘Spitzer’ with hi-octane percussion and reverb heavy acoustics spanned out over ten minutes where simplicity rules and the age old saying that “less is more” has never been more accurate. Flipping sides we see the duo take a similar approach on “Funke” but deliver a rugged and brutally mesmerizing lead that coaxes the inner devil inside all of us. Rounding out the EP is a carefully curated remix from Gothenburg’s own and former Hertz collaborator Petter B who hands over a beautiful rendition of ‘Spitzer’ where dense, lavish atmospherics carry a heavy looping groove to a gorgeous climax. It’s good to have the boys back and we think you will agree when you hear their stunning new ‘Funke’ EP.

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