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SNDST046: Industrialyzer - Solid Buzz EP


Industrialyzer - Solid Buzz EP

[SNDST046] || 18.05.2018

1: Industrialyzer - Solid Buzz

2: Industrialyzer - Live Sugar

It’s very rare for us to release an EP from an artist who has not graced the label with a track on a VA or a remix. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. For this release we turn to the formidable Industrialyzer who rose to stardom after his collaborations with The Advent and massive releases for Synewave, Rhythm Converted and Kombination Research to name a few. For his contribution to Second State he delivers two stunning and hard-edged tunes on his ‘Solid Buzz’ EP where edgy industrial sounds blend with euphoric melodies creating unforgettable dancefloor moments not for the faint of heart. On the self-titled ‘Solid Buzz’ hi-pace percussion and a heavy palette of sound balance perfectly with enchanting arps to deliver a beautiful cut merging vintage Industrial-Techno with post-modern production techniques. Switching to the B-Side sees Industrialyzer take a similar approach, yet the track shines in the call and response of wicked drums and crisp cymbals conceiving a full throttle assault of warehouses for the unforeseeable future. Welcome to Second State, Industrialyzer!

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