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SNDST056: Various Artists - SUM 5


Various Artists - SUM 5 [SNDST056] || 28.12.2018

1: ALO - Return 2: Christopher Lawrenz - ASIN 3: Eats Everything - Rollathonic 4: Housemeister - Am Puls Der Zeit 5: JNO - Generation ID 6: Klangkuenstler - Continuum 7: Lerio Corrado - Parabellum 8: Martin Eyerer - Mineral 9: Niereich & Linus Quick - Secrets 10: Paride Saraceni - Long Awaited Dawn 11: Ryan McKay - Acid Control We’re back again with another SUM package, and this release sees us stepping into our third year of churning out cuts from a variety of names spanning fresh faces to established artists. SUM 5 kicks off with newcomer ALO’s fierce ‘Return’ where chaos crescendos over an unrelenting bass line before Christopher Lawrenz delivers a wild groover with enough energy to blow the roof off any club with his cut ‘ASIN’. Heavy hitter and man of the hour Eats Everything steps up next and provides another rave anthem on ‘Rollathonic’ before Housemeister’s ‘Am Puls der Zeit’ takes matters into deeper and more dramatic territories with shimmering synthesizers and lush harmonics which couldn’t be farther from JNO’s ‘Generation ID’ which focuses on heavy, fast paced percussion to take the club to the next level. Diving into more sinister territories, Klangkuenstler’s ‘Continuum’ is an intense ride not for the faint of heart whereas Lerio Corrado’s ‘Parabellum’ keeps the tough edge but balances it expertly with just the right amount of debauchery. Martin Eyerer follows suit with a chaotic, yet insanely euphoric blinder with ‘Mineral’ before Niereich & Linus Quick deliver a massive tune with the perfect Rave throwback vibe on ‘Secrets’. Next to last is the gorgeous, energetic and instantly unforgettable ‘Long Awaited Dawn’ from Paride Saraceni before Ryan McKay’s pulse pounding ‘Acid Control’ wraps up SUM 5 with a bang.

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