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SNDST060: Pan-Pot - Radio Berlin EP


Pan-Pot - Radio Berlin EP

[SNDST060] || 19.04.2019

1: Pan-Pot - Radio Berlin

2: Pan-Pot - Deutsche Welle

3: Pan-Pot - Kanal 7

Once again Thomas and Tassilo are back and this time they come direct with three fierce cuts of proper, intense Techno. The trio of tracks all embody the heavy, dark, and psychedelic moments of wild club moments and warehouse nights, yet all three tracks take a different approach to arrive with the same intention. ‘Radio Berlin’ kicks things off as a hefty and infectious groove sets the stage for a swirling hypnotic tone that weaves through strong blasts of cinematic tones and booming percussion shots in a slick, spell binding ride. Following suit but turning up the intensity and adding a bit more of an abrasive touch, ‘Deutsche Welle’ veers into truly sinister territory where mischievous arpeggios and breakneck percussion thrive on a backdrop of eery atmospherics, flawlessly creating a rave detonator. The final addition to the EP is definitely the deepest and most trippy campaign of the trio: 'Kanal 7’ is an absolute burner with an intensely addictive groove of rolling low end. Lush, spooky tones hypnotize and wildly dynamic patterns of unshakable percussion keep it ever evolving, forging a versatile and nostalgic tune with massive results.

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