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SNDST065: Klangkuenstler - Dunkle Illusion EP


Klangkuenstler - Dunkle Illusion EP

[SNDST065] || 09.08.2019

1: Klangkuenstler - Razor 2: Klangkuenstler - Dunkle Illusion 3: Klangkuenstler - Dunkle Illusion (Alignment Remix)

Klangkuenstler first made his debut on our SUM 5 VA with his massive track ‘Continuum’ and now returns for his first solo outing on Second State with two absolute bombs primed for decimating any dance floor they encounter.

‘Razor’ kicks off the EP in a concept where fierce, rapid drums and 90’s inspired leads result in a nostalgic yet modern twist to a timeless idea. The title track ‘Dunkle Illusion’ initiates the B-side by utilizing an ominous acid line with sinister intent slithers between racing percussion creating an undeniably wicked atmosphere. Wrapping up the short player is Alignment’s remix of ‘Dunkle Illusion’ which sees the original reworked into a powerful display of devilish melodics while never losing the intensity and force of the original’s character. This EP perfectly blends Techno with Rave sounds, and there is no better way to welcome Klangkuenstler to the Second State family.

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