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SNDST070: Pan-Pot - Confronted Remixes EP

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Pan-Pot - Confronted Remixes EP [SNDST070]

1: Pan-Pot - Confronted (Pan-Pot Basement Remix)

2: Pan-Pot - Confronted ( Raw Remix)

3: Pan-Pot - Confronted (Farrago Welcome To Goa Remix)

4: Pan-Pot - Confronted (Pan-Pot Up In The Air Remix)

5: Pan-Pot - Confronted ([ Wex 10 ] Bigroom Remix)

6: Pan-Pot - Confronted (Anfisa Letyago Stranger Remix)

7: Pan-Pot - Confronted (Pan-Pot Paradise Remix)

Ten years ago, Berlin’s Pan-Pot put out the Confronted EP on Mobilee, a landmark release centred around the title track, eleven and a half minutes of slow-burning techno. A decade later, the Second State dons have decided to celebrate their classic track with a reissue that reflects their evolution. Featuring three remixes from Pan-Pot themselves, Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix have also recruited four of the scene’s hottest talents for a diverse, comprehensive remix package that reimagines the source material for today’s dancefloors. Opening up the remix package, the “Basement” remix by Pan-Pot adds barking synths and snatches of vocal FX in a murky, offbeat edit of the classic. Glaswegian rising star delivers a “Raw”, lean techno tool with subtle tweaks like the crystalline synths piping through the mix and aggressive, springy bass that charges in mid-way through. Farrago, a Lenske favourite from Belgium, takes the listener on a weirder journey built around bounces, bleeps and discombobulation – it’s by far the most foreign departure on the EP and it lives up to the “Welcome to Goa” title. The “Up In The Air” remix by Pan-Pot removes the pounding kick and turns the mood tribal with steel drums and rubbery, muted basslines. It’s a housier cut well suited to wonky wigouts. French newcomer [ Wex 10 ] takes care of the “Bigroom” remix, ushered in by an outsized, unapologetic kick soon joined by the original’s ominous chords and the cool, detached female vocal. [ Wex 10 ] picks up the BPM, adds some snare rolls and turns in a fist-pumping version for festivals and superclubs. Up-and-comer Anfisa Letyago, from Naples by way of Siberia, sends a rippling acid synth through the mix like lightning in a hi-NRG alternative perfect for trancier sets in her “Stranger” remix. The word “crazy” is set on an electrifying loop, commanding ravers to give in and let go. Closing the remix EP, the “Paradise” remix by Pan-Pot goes in the opposite direction, opening with bird calls and idyllic chiming synths before moving into breaksy territory. Surprising and strangely dreamy, it completes a richly varied remix package that breathes new life into a beloved classic.

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