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SNDST073: DEAS - Index EP

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DEAS - Index EP [SNDST073]

1: DEAS - Space Race

2: DEAS - Apart

3: DEAS - Index


5: DEAS - Radiation

Greek-born, Krakow-based DEAS is a producer of unusual stylistic and emotional breadth, possibly the result of growing up with a range of cultural and geographical influences. His fourth EP on Second State continues his impressive run, a mosaic of moods and textures that coalesces into a cohesive, compelling whole. “Space Race” brings a futuristic cosmos to mind, a track that’s at once urgent and foreboding, yet light on its feet. Arpeggiating laser synths glide over peppy drum patterns in a manner that encourages dancefloor mayhem. “Apart” is a little more sinister but still highly danceable, with a propulsive bassline, noodling lashes of acid and an almost psychedelic vibe. “Index” strips it back and places the drums front and centre in a less-is-more piece designed to keep the party chugging, while “DRMS”, another percussion-based track, adds trippy effects to enhance those slightly sideways moments. “Radiation”, meanwhile, is a journey in the true sense of the word, a track that morphs from atmospheric to tense and back again in an arrangement that’s uncluttered, yet highly effective at creating a sense of delicious unease. This EP is another collection of weapons from an internationally acclaimed techno producer and DJ, one that should ensure DEAS is in high demand for the coming year and beyond.

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