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SNDST085: JSPR - Mainframe Boogie EP

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JSPR - Mainframe Boogie EP [SNDST085]

1: JSPR - Mainframe Boogie

2: JSPR - Blossom

3: JSPR - Parasite

4: JSPR - Fire

The hypnotic thrust of the opening, title track on JSPR’s Mainframe Boogie EP introduces some of the hardest sounds we’ve heard to date from the Rotterdam based producer. "Mainframe Boogie" is a thumping, warehouse-ready cut that sounds tailor-made for Second State. “Blossom” dials back the aggression slightly, utilizing bleepy synths and pealing, high-pitched pads to temper a pounding backdrop. JSPR moves into darker terrain on “Parasite”, a track filled with all the paranoia and dread that the title inspires. Unsettling keys through the mid-section see tension levels rise further on this moody, pulsing track. “Fire” might be the highest energy track on the release. Whipping synths, blaring sirens and arpeggiating keys come together in a broody, storming cut to close out the EP. After a string of successful releases on Pig & Dan’s Elevate label and with an impressive pedigree that includes a release on Richie Hawtin’s M-nus, Pan-Pot are delighted to welcome JSPR into the Second State fold.

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