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SNDST090: BEC - Pleasure Seeker EP

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BEC - Pleasure Seeker [SNDST090]

A1: BEC - Pleasure Seeker

A2: BEC - The Truth

B1: BEC - Reaching Nirvana

B2: BEC - Pleasure Seeker (Pan-Pot UKW Mix)

Bonus Track : BEC - Trusting The Mystery [digital only]

BEC returns to Second State serving up four sensational techno cuts and a trippy remix by Pan-Pot.

Pulsating title track ‘Pleasure Seeker’ kicks off the EP. This high-impact percussive workout that seizes listeners attention with galloping kicks and snare rolls. A commanding female vocal sample purrs the track’s name over and over. Echoing electro tones twist and turn throughout, creating a complex, brooding energy. ‘The Truth’ lays focus on a heavier rave-esque sound, enlisting a hammering rounded kick drum to open the track. From a distance, a single angelic note swirls and holds, then slowly builds. Sonic snaps fly back and forth in a scattered flurry of sound while a vocal sample with twisted distortion growls harsh truths. Dense rave chords slice through the noise to close out.

‘Reaching Nirvana’ opens the B-side of the record, bringing an elaborate balance between peaceful melodies and powerful techno. Joyful and fast-paced major chords dance over a driving kick drum, while snares and hi-hats crash and sound in tandem with one another. A siren rings out amongst the breakdown before being rejoined by the melody to close. Pan-Pot’s UKW remix of ‘Pleasure Seeker’ is up next and closes down the vinyl, transforming the title track into a heavyweight techno roller. Bleating synth keys add pressure and intensity that surge throughout. Kick drums and snares take charge in percussion while cymbals flicker above. The vocal that once dominated the original cut has been chopped up and distorted.

On the last track of the EP, ‘Trusting The Mystery’, synth notes wain like a siren at the beginning before evolving into an elaborate meandering melody. The kick bounces and punches through a flurry of noise with razor-sharp hi-hats whipping and sniping through. A plucking bass discreetly adds robust power to this digital only treat.

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