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SNDST091: Pan-Pot - Voodoo Signs EP

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Pan-Pot - Voodoo Signs [SNDST091]

A1: Pan-Pot - Voodoo

B1: Pan-Pot - Signs

Pan-Pot return to their Second State imprint to serve up the label's sixth release this year. The illustrious Second State has been fostering the sound of some of techno’s biggest tastemakers and emerging artists for several years, with releases throughout 2021 so far being some of their strongest ones to date. "Voodoo Signs" EP however, is a shift from their usual productions, incorporating a breakbeat sound throughout the record, a step away from the duo’s familiar straight ahead techno weapons.

Hugely atmospheric and packed with conflicting elements, “Voodoo” is the punchier cut of the two tracks on the record. A palpitating muffled kick launches and is quickly joined by rapid percussion and dancing hi-hats that weave throughout the heaviness. As things develop, these turbulent elements are smoothly subdued to let doomy wails echo and build to a crescendo. The main vocal sample meshes with several other voices that ominously quaver over the original. A stabbing melody is then introduced, skittering over the foundations with broken beat drum hooks moving in unison.

On the flip side is “Signs”, a peak time fast paced club track with a driving beat. A stifled kickdrum and a singular bleating tone start things off, before the full weight of the drum is unleashed. A dark looming bass builds on top of cracking percussion and claps until it’s replaced by a distorted male vocal sample crying out “searching, searching”. In the second half, the bleating tone is pushed into the minor key and the bass looms, menacingly. The kick drum returns while the vocal sample becomes increasingly distorted until it fades out. A breakbeat cuts through the noise, switching up the energy and reinstating the hectic, club atmosphere.

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