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SNDST092: Various Artists - SUM 10

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Various Artists - SUM 10 [SNDST092]

01: Yotam Avni - Afrika Salam 02: Tahko - Relieved 03: Mistake Made - Othau 04: Kai Van Dongen - Hypno 5 05: Indira Paganotto - Katsumi 06: Höllden - Myosotis 07: Giorgia Angiuli & Boston 168 - Entrainment 08: Endrew - Release 09: Dysfaction - Synaptic Accelerator 10: David Granha - Roopkund 11: Auriga - This is Our World

Second State’s next various artist offering comprises a broad and varied selection of stand-out producers from the UK, Holland, Israel, Spain and beyond. Bristling with 11 vibrant pieces, SUM 10 exhibits the ever-evolving sound of the accomplished Berlin imprint.

Long-standing luminary of Tel-Aviv’s underground scene Yotam Avni opens up with “Afrika Salam”, a chuggy cut with tribal and abstract sonic elements. Following is a return to Second State from Amsterdam based producer Tahko, who incorporates pulsating basslines, distorted mechanics and a doomy, trembling vocal sample in “Relieved”. Switching things up is Berlin based duo Mistake Made, who equip the album with their buzzing, breaks infused cut “Othau”.

Next up are three producers who give us a glimpse into what’s to come on Second State over 2021. Londoner Kai Van Dongen uses mesmeric notes that swirl above thumping bass in his glistening roller “Hypno 5”, while Madrid’s Indira Paganotto incorporates a trembling kick and hissing female vocal that vigorously build tension in her contribution “Katsumi”. Next up is Portuguese producer Holldën with “Myosotis”, a bubbling electro-infused expedition that immerses listeners by sampling deep, shallow breaths and radio chatter. Italy’s Giorgia Angiuli & Boston 168 join forces on the record, enlisting Angiuli’s airy vocals and the Italian duo’s signature acid sound for psychedelic track “Entrainment”.

Resistance is Techno resident Endrew from Italy comes back to his debut label with “Release”, complete with a colossal kick drum, jumping chords and dreamy pads that float deftly under heaving percussion. German producer duo Dysfaction take the reins next in “Synaptic Accelerator”, opening with a kick and pulsating synths before a bellowing organ commands focus. Rounding off the compilation are two immensely skilled Spanish producers, David Granha and Auriga. Granha steps up with arpeggiated metal riffs and nonlinear hi-hats in his vigorous composition “Roopkund”, maintaining the energy of the record with many layers of instrumentation. Closing out is Auriga with her epilog “This Is Our World”, a booming kick drum sets the pace whilst a robotic voice echoes and fades, allowing scattered keys, sharp synths and snare drums to bring a menacing tone to the finish.

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