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SNDST093: Indira Paganotto - Red Ninja EP

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Indira Paganotto - Red Ninja EP [SNDST093]

01: Indira Paganotto - Red Ninja 02: Indira Paganotto - Magnetic Pulse 03: Indira Paganotto - Red Ninja (Shlomi Aber Remix) 04: Indira Paganotto - Katana 05: Indira Paganotto - Cyber Slaves

DJ/Producer and Artcore Records boss Indira Paganotto makes her first EP debut on Berlin’s Second State with “Red Ninja” EP - a dark & hard-hitting techno voyage accompanied by a driving remix from Barcelona based, Tel Aviv born producer Shlomi Aber.

Title track “Red Ninja” opens the record and sets the tone with a rabid kick, brooding synths & scattered textures that build to samples of distorted Mongolian throat singing and ravey hooks. The track is a seamless blend of styles that both compliment and juxtapose each other to create an unorthodox high energy dance floor weapon. Following is “Magnetic Pulse”, which quite literally embodies its title with a reverberating bass, vocal chops and heaving kick drum. More subtle than its predecessor but with no shortage of impact, the track employs twinkling synth keys that create a hectic, skittish mood. Furiously paced snare drums and hi hats appear, adding texture and balance, after a breakdown provides a fleeting moment of tranquility.

Stepping up for remix duties is Shlomi Aber with his take on “Red Ninja”. Intensifying the percussion and optimising a hypnotic synth line, his rendition is more of a techno roller than the original cut. Aber uses his skills to transform this mesmeric track into a no frills heavyweight banger, while still retaining some of the more curious elements. “Katana” is next and deepens the sonic trip with clips of Japanese conversation. Not hidden away behind distortion or effects, the samples dance in tandem with the booming kick drum while an intoxicating combination of bells sing out the melody. Closing out is “Cyber Slaves”, a driving yet simplistic composition. Paganotto employs a revolving melodic loop and percussive elements that shine through with a galactic energy to concoct this mesmerizing finisher.

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