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SNDST098: Rocko Garoni - Blank EP

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Rocko Garoni - Blank EP [SNDST098]

01: Rocko Garoni - Blank 02: Rocko Garoni - Affinity 03: Rocko Garoni - Blank (Black Lotus Remix) 04: Rocko Garoni - Destructive

Second State regular Rocko Garoni will drop his next EP on the label, “Blank EP”. The hard-hitting 4 tracker contains 3 original tracks with a fiery rolling rework from Berlin’s Black Lotus. Opening proceedings is ‘Blank’, complete with a booming kick and bright sharp synths that permeate through the flurry of percussive sounds. An ethereal male vocal narrates the track with an echoing tone that gradually drifts away, dwindling just out of earshot. ‘Blank’ is a determined opener with no let up that showcases that classic Second State sound. ‘Affinity’ follows, characterised by uniform claps, a bouncing kick drum, and a syncopated rhythm. Sonics crackle while rounded synths and percussion build the tempo, with percussion gradually increasing and dominating the soundscape. A barrage of frenzied alarms soon takes over, while the ferocious kick punches its way back to the forefront of the track. Berlin native Black Lotus is up next with her rework of the opener, ‘Blank’. She smoothes and rounds out the original kick, alchemizing it to a steady pulse that smoothly rolls underneath shakers, claps, and sharp metallic elements. A devilish sample, full of heavy distortion, skips and ricochets around the melody in furious hypnotic chaos. Closing out the record is ‘Destructive’, which begins with a hurried kick that delves deeper than the previous tracks on the record. A choppy stabbing synth line duets a commanding male vocal sample that explains, “I am the one!”. With a slight ravey mood, this energetic effort finishes on a high, commanding movement and exhilaration.

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