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SNDST099: Various Artists - SUM 11

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Various Artists - SUM 11 [SNDST099]

01: Camea - Higher Power

02: Charly Schaller - Sama Sama 03: Egbert - Mnmlstc

04: Harvey McKay - Dragon's Dynamite

05: Komfortrauschen - Jamal

06: Kuvoka - Randomize

07: Larry Cadge - Lost The Way

08: Lerio Corrado - Escape

Continuing their long-standing gathering of techno’s most talented producers, Second State will introduce the next instalment of their revered ‘SUM’ series, featuring artists from Germany, the UK and US, the Netherlands and Italy. Minimal techno maven Camea welcomes us with “Higher Power”, a wistful opener that manages to retain delicateness despite it’s booming kick drum. Shakers and soft keys are pebbled throughout, scrambling over rippled claps and a gritty synth that wades in and out of the ethereal elements. Berlin based Charly Schaller is next with punchy cut “Sama Sama”. Metallic textures and a robust kick are gradually joined by a gurgling vocal sample reverberating in the distance, while the dwindling melody surrounds. Dutch producer Egbert presents “Mnmlstc”, complete with an earth shattering kick and wompy, wonky bass. A repetitive robotic vocal is peppered in, along with white noise that punches throughout. Techno powerhouse Harvey McKay drives on with “Dragon’s Dynamite”, an impactful dancefloor weapon armed with a growling hoover synth, marching hi hats and babbling vocal sample combined with hard-stepping beats. Berlin Techno band Komfortrauschen are featured with “Jamal”, designed with a warped kick and choppy elements that swipe consistently to create a raucous atmosphere. Frantic, spacey keys circle around with the odd interjection, before the kick is reintroduced as a heavier, authoritative component. Turkey born, Canada based producer Kuvoka pivots the mood of the record with the groovy, analogue driven “Randomize”. A pulsating beat is accompanied by furious hi hats and shakers, creating a feeling of urgency. Londoner Larry Cadge follows with “Lost The Way” and gets straight down to business with a monstrous kick that’s occasionally reigned in to allow twinkling keys to direct and give structure. A curious bloop sounds amidst the heaviness, giving personality and lightness to the track, along with chords that pur underneath the weight. “Escape” is the closer, produced by familiar Second State face Lerio Corrado. Hurried hi hats and a bubbling vocal characterise this cut, the kick thunders towards the finale, driving this compilation to a powerful close.

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