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SNDST104: Harvey McKay - Oberon EP

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A1: Midnight

B1: Oberon

B2: Elves Playground

Glasgow’s Harvey McKay adds Second State to his already brimming back catalog with ‘Midnight’ EP, featuring 3 driving and grooving cuts. A hard-hitter in Scotland’s techno scene, Harvey regularly appears at international hotspots including Space Ibiza, Awakenings and fabric, to name a few.

The opening track ‘Midnight’ is high-spirited yet dark and energetic, creating a more stripped back style of McKay production. A booming reverberating kick dances with scattered hi-hats and a low slung bouncing synth to create a deep & dusky atmosphere. Ascending keys keep the tension tight and high along with solitary stabs that whine and wring out over the main groove.

‘Oberon’ begins with a dappled kick and solitary hi-hat layered upon minimal pads which are soon buried by a hypnotic, marching churn and percussive wails. These elements are gradually bound together to create the base of the track, with intermittent breakdowns that allow the pads and wails to break through and add depth. As the track develops, the major notes intensify and are brought to the forefront with a cyclic sample that's teased out, but never allowed to fully burst through the chaos.

McKay rounds up with a relentless piece of techno in ‘Elves Playground’. A revolving metallic texture twirls over the booming kick to create a playful element in this cut before a deep and brooding drone takes control. As the devilish track progresses, the buzzing drone is toned down and injected back with ferocious vigor each time. A driving and textured production with clever minimal rave elements that are guaranteed to get you moving.

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