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SNDST105: Lerio Corrado – A38 EP

But it here:

01: Overwrite

02: Test Pressing

03: Not Yet

04: Roar

05: A Tre

Naples born and based Lerio Corrado returns to Second State with debut solo EP ‘A38’. After several contributions to the Berlin label’s ‘SUM’ compilation series, Corrado delivers this five track EP showcasing the best of Italy’s techno. Lerio kicks off with mischievous melodies and a confident kick in the opener, ‘Overwrite’. Light and syncopated percussion snaps and shakes over the lead chord whilst the volume increases and begins to brew tension, soon accompanied by an erratic solitaire idiophone component. Following is ‘Test Pressing’, an unrelenting, full bodied cut with a deep bass and looping metallic element that furiously circles throughout the track. Snappy hi hats are dappled throughout in unison with the kick, creating an anxious energy. ‘Not Yet’ begins with a kick and an alternating pitch of the lead line. The main rhythm smoothly rolls throughout the foundations of this cut, maintaining a slick and grooving vibe despite the sharpness of the shakers and hi hats. Dancefloor driven cut ‘Roar’ consists of wavering electronics, growls and punchy components. Listening with full intensity creates a sense of an electro-magnetic field surrounding the listener. Corrado strips back the lead line for the final leg and lets a thundering kick and shakers drive forward. ‘A Tre’ has a thud-like kick and somewhat tribal elements. Shakers and rhythmic bleeps jiggle and dance erratically, injecting serious energy into the EP for its final track. Short closed hats and a gurgling sample ring out and echo menacingly, also creating a dark atmosphere.

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