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SNDST110: Harvey McKay – Confusion EP

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01: Fidget

02: Confusion

03: Destroy DNA

The Glaswegian producer will contribute another EP to Second State this Autumn, cementing his place as a regular contributor on the Berlin label. ‘Confusion’ EP contains three warped, high-energy cuts from McKay, a style that has grown synonymous with his name in the techno world.

First track ‘Fidget’ opens heavy on the bass with a chopped up vocal loop that builds and gives way to clacking percussion. He switches up pitch and effects throughout to build intensity, letting all elements crash over each other at intervals. There’s a chugging vibe to the cut, with a pulsating bassline that creates serious depth. The sample orbits repeatedly, with the interruption of a sharper vocal slicing across and layering upon itself.

Next up is ‘Confusion’, skipping forward with vigor and volatile keys. Bustling arrangements charge the energy of the track with relentless hi-hats creating a tense and anxious mood. The booming kick drum echoes ferociously throughout whilst twisted melodies writhe and build, at moments drenched in distortion. Listeners are left unknowing of what’s to come as the relentless kick is halted by momentary breaks and turns.

Rounding off is club primed cut ‘Destroy DNA’. Similarly to the previous track, the direction is switched up at any moment. Airy pads create a celestial feeling that maintains a lightness despite the heavy kick. They phase in and out throughout to let key arrangements shine through, adding a harder but grooving effect to the pad-heavy journey.

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