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SNDST111: Micheal Klein – Golden Hour EP

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01: Golden Hour

02: Voice Interrupt

03: In My Own Eyes

04: Howlip

05: One Eyed Master

A mainstay of the Second State label, Michael Klein’s back catalog has now expanded to include 11 releases with the Berlin imprint. ‘Golden Hour’ is a classic high-energy and versatile contribution from Klein, with 5 mesmerizing techno tracks.

Opener and title track ‘Golden Hour’ kicks off with strong synergy between the kick, bass and percussion. Moving & rising at controlled pace, Klein brings in off kilter keys and a smooth arpeggio. Next up is ‘Voice Interrupt’ which uses twisted melodies and pitch distortions to create a tense but energetic energy. Minimal shakers and a solitary hi-hat add texture to the track, whilst keeping the arrangements tight and bouncy. ‘In My Own Eyes’ starts off minimal and subdued, with a rotary synth that eventually breaks through and takes command. Subtle industrial elements are used but hidden under shakers, coming to the forefront during a brief interlude of the main synth-line.

Following is ‘Howlip’ with a uniform kick, hi-hat and a jagged synth combo that dance menacingly throughout. A sample of the cut’s name chimes in at varied volumes, at times battling against the main groove and recurring electro twinged synth. A driving and peak-time dance-floor weapon. The finale of the EP ‘One Eyed Master’ is dominated by piping, high-frequency keys that bubble under the main kick and sharp single hi-hat. Varying in intensity as the track drives on, the keys create a dystopian yet uneasy atmosphere. Klein again plays with the balance of percussion and pitch to manipulate the mood created in the track, an obvious theme and technique applied throughout the EP.

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