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SNDST112: Cora Novoa - Rituals EP

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01: Rituals

02: Old Anthems

03: I’m Going To Kill You, King Romano

04: Rituals (Nur Jaber Remix)

DJ/Producer, label boss & creative director Cora Novoa will debut on Berlin’s Second State with ‘Rituals’ EP. The release contains 3 dynamic original tracks from the Spanish creative, with an additional rework from regular Berghain DJ Nur Jaber.

Opening with the title track ‘Rituals’, Cora sets the pace of the EP with a pulsating kick and bass combo, uniform claps and a misting synth to give a dark atmosphere. A recurrent and frenzied vocal is introduced, throwing off all steadiness and sending the percussion into a frenzy. Deranged industrial elements and off kilter sonics whine and ring out as the track develops, adding to the darkness Novoa has initially created. Subsequent track ‘Old Anthems’ is forefronted by a bubbling electro riff and a repetitive, chopped up sample ringing out in tandem with percussive stabs. Glitchy drums and distortions are dotted throughout, adding an eccentricity to this trance-inducing track.

‘I’m Gonna Kill You, King Romano’ is the shortest cut on the EP, but packs just as much impact. The sound production mimics that of polyphonic choir music, with Cora using multiple samples and effects to achieve this. The voices are layered over gentle pads and modest twinkling keys to create an ethereal moment in this raucous EP. Nur Jaber’s rework brings with it a sharp, leaner kick and switch-up with the samples - now using a low pitched and muffled male voice. Trance-like synths are teased out but restrained. Nur’s interpretation adds a lightness to the original, playing with arrangements and creating a new melody of airy wavering keys and a distorted, washed-out rave sound.

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